Not all buttons are shown in this picture

Description of the buttons

Show/hide the buttons

Turns everything on the phone by 90°. When measuring angles the phone is repositioned all the time, so it is better to keep track of the orientation manually than that it is done automatically, i.e. with less control.

When clicking on this, a slider is shown with which you can regulate the time-constant and the noise averaging.

Calibration, see separate webpage.

A small green c is shown when the calibration is done. It is visible also when the buttons are hidden.

When clicking on this the zero is adjusted so that the current reading becomes zero. Useful for measuring angle changes. When active, a green delta is shown, also when the buttons are hidden, to remind you that the reading is shifted. Note, this is not the same as calibration. If trying to zero the bubble level near horizontally believing it is a calibration,, the bubble may suddenly jump to the opposite side at a small angle.

The green delta near the zero button indicates that the zero level is shifted. By clicking the zero button again the green dot disappears and the reading is not shifted. It is visible also when the buttons are hidden.

This is not a button. It only reminds you that the analog scale is adjusted by pinch gestures.

Clicking this button toggles the digital value between degrees and tenths of degrees.

Click this button to change device. The devices are a two-dimensional spirit level, a double clinometer, and a roll & pitch inclinometer.

This button links to the app's webpages, i.e. to these webpages.

This button changes the device colors.

This button changes the background.

Shopping cart for in-app purchases. Hidden when there is no more to purchase. Currently there are two in-app purchases.

  1. Possibility to choose the angles in percent instead of degrees. Concerns both the dials and digital displays. The ads are skipped with this purchase.
  2. A freeze enable button. Makes it possible to freeze the dials and digital displays by touching the screen, for later reading.

Buttons for purchased functions

Switching between degrees and percent. Concerns both the dials and digital displays. Click to see a picture.

Freeze enable button. When "freeze" is activated, touching the screen when the two bars are visible stops the dials and digital displays. Touching it when the triangle is visible, starts the dials and digital displays again. Accompanied by confirming sounds. Click to see a picture.

Buttons shown when the calibration procedure is active

This button erases all calibration points. Confirmed with a sound effect.

This button starts a short movie about the calibration.

Calibration movie buttons

Close the movie.

Start, pause, and rewind buttons.

Activate dragging the movie forward or backward in time by swiping with a finger.

This is not a button, but an indicator showing that dragging the movie is active. Only one of the triangles is shown at the end and beginning of the movie.

These buttons are also shown together with the movie and have the same actions as described above.

Swiping a finger changes the position of the movie scene if not dragging in time is activated. Orientation and scale is changed by pinch gestures.